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Your Individual NCAA D1 Fall Leaders

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  • These numbers include matches against D1 competition only
  • Bonus Rate = (Bonus Wins) / (Possible Bonus Wins, i.e., Matches where bonus is possible). So, the formula works out like this: (Wins by MD, FALL, TF, DQ) / (Wins and Losses by DEC, MD, FALL, TF, DQ). This bonus rate basically counts DQs as bonus wins and excludes FFs, MFFs, and Inj Defaults from “possible bonus wins”.
  • How do we Break the Ties -- Secondary criteria is used, such as win % or average fall time, number of bonus wins, etc..
  • Matches Analyzed -- matches wrestles include those that count towards NCAA Tournament seeding and are considered for end of season awards. Matches against non-D1 opponents are excluded for example. Matches for Wrestlers in Red-shirt count towards Roster totals.
  • Threshold -- A minimum number of matches is required. The minimum thresholds adjust upwards as the season goes on.
  • Point Efficiency -- based on non-fall matches as traditionally, when a fall is recorded, the match points scored up until that point are not recorded.
  • For Point Efficiency -- The total points scored by the wrestler compared to the total points scored by opponents are included in parentheses. Given that points are not recorded for matches ending in a fall, a winning record is required for inclusion in this category.


3D Wrestler Stats
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