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How to Hire 3D Wrestler Stats

Below you'll find detailed instructions on how to hire 3D Wrestler Stats as your Virtual Wrestling Statistician

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It's a Service and not an App (yet).
You hire 3D Wrestler Stats as your virtual team statistician. Our team then utilizes the Wheeler Wrestling Model to provide you with 3D insights into your team and wrestler performance.

Verify TrackWrestling Is Available in Your State or Division

As long as your state or college division is utilizing the TrackWrestling OPC system for your season, the majority of tournaments and tournament data will be available for the 3D Wrestler Stats transformation process. Some items will need to be entered via the Live Entry tool or imported to TrackWrestling from your match entry tool, e.g., MatBoss or LevelChanger.

Purchase the TrackWrestling Statistics Program

This is one of the simplest steps and many teams have already done this to start the season. The Statistics Program let's you import tournaments run using TrackWrestling and gives teams the feature of entering Dual Meet matches in real-time for fans to follow online. Match results can also be entered after the fact using the Live Entry tool.

Choose your 3D WrestlerStats Package

Choose the package that best suites the needs of your team. We offer various levels to support your team, including a free Varsity Team Scorecard (once per season).

Add 3D WrestlerStats as a User to the TrackWrestling Statistics Program

Adding 3D Wrestler Stats as a user in your team's OPC season enables 3D Wrestler Stats to transform your data into dynamic 3-Dimensional Stats:

1) click "Add User"
2) choose the "Title: Other"
3) enter "Email: gwheeler [at] 3dwrestlerstats [dot] com" (see PDF for details)
4) Use the "Generate Buttons" for: UserName & Password
5) Copy: the password & username into an email
6) set "OPC & Statistics = YES"

Email 3D WrestlerStats to inform them that you have completed this step

This PDF will guide you through the detailed steps of how to add 3D Wrestler Stats as your team’s Virtual Statistician

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How to Add 3D Wrestler Stats as a Virtual Statistician

What to Do Next ?

Here's what to do to keep your stats in tip-top shape.
This is great "digital world" experience for team managers. Let them know how much it helps the wrestlers to have these details captured.

Next Step

Verify you have Imported Tournament Matches into your Team's OPC

Without performing this step, the TrackWrestling Statistics Program will contain only limited data for your wrestlers. Instructions on how to do this are available on TrackWrestling's help pages.

Use the TrackWrestling Live Entry Tool to enter Dual Meets Match Results

TrackWrestling's Live Entry tool records wrestling match action, takedowns, nearfall, escapes, stalling, etc and results. The match action elements are the key to the Wheeler Wrestling Model's data transformation process.
​Matches can be entered via the "Live Entry" tool after the fact

Verify Match Action & Results are Correctly ​entered into TrackWrestling

Occasionally TrackWrestling match action is recorded incorrectly. Your team managers or local statisticians can correct any errors after the fact via TrackWrestling's Live Entry tool. Match action elements are the key to the 3D Wrestling Stats data transformation process.

Incorrectly record match action can lead to inaccuracies in the 3D Wrestler Stats Model, but can be corrected after the fact using the TrackWrestling "Live Entry" tool.

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