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First and foremost, you have to start somewhere. Second, access to the data is limited to team statisticians (currently).
This means — You’ll be hiring 3D Wrestler Stats as your virtual team statistician. Our team then utilizes the Wheeler Wrestling Model transformation tools and processes to prepare and present the data in innovative ways.

This provides you with 3D insights into your team and wrestler performance.  

Long-term we’d like to provide this service in App or Online form, but … we’re not there yet.

This is the wrestling stats data source that is readily available for many high school and college wrestling teams and can be customized for transformation by the 3D Wrestler Stats ​process.
3D Wrestler Stats welcomes the opportunity to review other data sources for transformation opportunities. Please reach out using our Contact Form.

First and foremost because we believe this will help coaches and wrestlers the most.
Furthermore, working in this fashion allows 3D Wrestler Stats to build a relationship directly with teams so they can truly serve as the team’s virtual team statistician and partner.
In the long term and as additional options & opportunities become available, 3D Wrestler Stats may pursue avenues for delivering this 3-Dimensional view of statistics to teams or the public generally. 

By Default, the stats are delivered in PDF format. This is easily shareable, printable and readable by the entire team.
You can add-on an Excel version(s) of the stats to any package you order. 

3D Wrestler Stats simply “transforms” the aggregate data available in TrackWrestling. The system is not fool-proof; if you see a mistake, please work through your coach or local team admin to correct the information on TrackWrestling (see our How To section for more details on steps in this process, e.g., Live Scoring). We do this in order to be in sync with the official season records available on TrackWrestling. 

They may be different, depending upon the report you create.
Check these areas first: 

  1. Team Points in TrackWrestling’s OPC program have some limitations. The Wheeler Wrestling Model calculates the team points based on match outcomes recorded within TrackWrestling, e.g., SV-1(Fall), or UTB, or Med. Forfeit, using Dual Meet scoring rules
  2. Wins in TrackWrestling’s OPC program often include Byes, so check if byes are included or excluded from your report
  3. You may have combined Varsity and JV numbers into one report. The Wheeler Wrestling Model strictly separates the two divisions (Varsity separate from JV)
    1. Forfeits are excluded from wins and not counted in Wheeler Wrestling Model team point calculations because the model focuses on in-match performance
  4. There may be an error in the transformation process at 3D Wrestler Stats – we are your wrestling stats partner and will work with your team to error check your stats package

3D Wrestler Stats can only transform the aggregate data available in TrackWrestling and is not responsible for accuracy of the data available, only for the transformation of that data.  

Take Advantage of our Innovative Approach to Analyzing Wrestler Performance

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