Wrestling Box Scores - New and Improved Overviews

 Posted: 12-Jun-2020   |    Author: Gardner Wheeler
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Now it's time to switch gears. How to build a better folkstyle wrestling box score. I took a real example from the 2019-20 season. Some may remember the Penn State vs Iowa dual at Carver Hawkeye arena on January 31st 2020. Here's a look at the Overview Box Score I'd love to see utilized in Folkstyle Wrestling.

New & Improved Wrestling Box Score - Overview

Improved Wrestling Box Scores

In this post we'll look at a new and improved Wrestling Box Score Overview (image above) and a small tweak to the existing Match-by-Match Wrestling Box Score. We believe this combo presents a much richer view of team performance. The Overview Stats would be a nice enhancement to team tournament summaries as well.

We'll take look at what stats we'd love to see for each wrestler in a subsequent post.

The Wrestling Box Score Overview

The main additions to the Wrestling Box Score Overview are performance related comparisons. There's a few reasons for these additions:

  • This is typical in other sports such as football or basketball
  • Performance comparisons tell a rich part of the story of each team's dual meet performance
    • why did a team win
    • where did each team excel
    • how close was the losing team
  • The stats are readily available in today's live entry software (if utilized correctly)

Also note that the same type of data points could easily be compiled for teams at tournaments.

Box Score Overview ItemWhy We Love This Stat
Dual PtsThe main outcome of a Dual Meet
WinsWhat led to the dual meet outcome?
Bonus Wins by TypeWhich team won the bonus pt battle, shows MD / TF / Falls
Other WinsHow many other wins happened, Injuries, Forfeits, DQs
Team DominanceTranslating the team's wins to a Dominance Rating
Points by Period*Which team scored more points and in which period
Match Point EfficiencyWho won the match point battle
Takedowns - Xs on FeetThis is a go-to stat for me
Takedown %Translates the Xs on Ft to TD into a ratio
Avg Match Length in WinsThis could be called the Spencer Lee stat, but is of Note
NF2 / NF4These key indicators can be a difference in a match
RT Earned - RT Poss.Always good to know
Stall WarningsAnother interesting stat that tells part of the story
*Cumm. RTShows who won the control game on top & by how much
*Match Point +/-Shows who won the scoring game (including pins)

NOTE: made a choice in this version to show these numbers only once for the team that who won the day, since the absolute value is the same for both teams. Also NOTE: these two categories are tallied even for matches that ended early by Tech Fall or Fall. Why? Not just because we have the data, but because these elements tell a story that's part of the team's performance at the dual.

Here's the improved Wrestling Dual Meet Box Score Overview again for review.

New & Improved Wrestling Box Score - Overview

The Wrestling Box Score Details or Match-by-Match Overview

Existing wrestling match-by-match box scores when displayed in table format are great. I made one tweak to show the cumulative score as it would be evolve throughout the dual. This assumes the Box Score Match-by-Match table would always start with the dual's starting weight.

Wrestling Box Score Details

Current Wrestling Box Scores

Now back to the current Folkstyle Wrestling box score. Here are two typical wrestling box score examples. This is excellent, but as described and shown above, we can do more!

Box Score on Trackwrestling's OPC Page Box Score Directly on Trackwrestling's OPC Page

Box Score Style used by Flowrestling Box Score Style That Flowrestling Uses

Challenges to Getting There

There is one major challenge in our way that we've talked about in past articles. This relates to the fact that Trackwrestling allows table help to enter +1 and +2 instead of E1 and T2.

Trackwrestling's Live Entry dashboard. This is a great tool offered to teams for Dual Meets as part of the OPC, but ... it has one major drawback.

Here's The Problem with Trackwrestling's Live Entry Dashboard

Please note that we at 3DWS love Trackwrestling and the amazing things they've done for our sport. We also know that the Trackwrestling Live Entry Dashboard needs some work. Most importantly: they need to remove the +1, -1, +2, -2, +3, -3 buttons from the Live Entry dashboard for Folkstyle. Every point scored in Folkstyle wrestling has a purpose and should be noted as such. Points entered in error should be changed to the correct points or removed based on the referee's decision.

Submit a Ticket

Please let Trackwrestling know by submitting a ticket requesting this:

Remove the +1, +2, +3, etc. and the -1, -2, -3, etc. buttons from the Folkstyle Live Entry Dashboard. Every point in Folkstyle has an action tied to it, e.g., T2 (takedown 2 pts), N3 (nearfall 3 pts), P1 (penalty 1 pt). Letting table help use +1, +2, -1, -2 in Folkstyle ruins the history of the match and makes the match action record useless. Please remove these buttons from the TrackWrestling Live Entry Dashboard.

Trackwrestling Support Ticket Example Trackwrestling Ticket Submission Form - Please Help

Trackwrestling Live Entry Dashboard

Here's an image of the dashboard. They may not look "prominent" here, but table help at all levels of wrestling, yes, including ALL NCAA Levels, love to click those -1, +1, -2, +2 buttons.

And I can't think of a reason why those options are needed at all in Folkstyle Wrestling ...

Trackwrestling Live Entry Dashboard

3D Wrestler Stats
The analysis available here is great. It's amazing how much these stats can teach you about your wrestlers in just a few minutes.
Coach Scott Pace