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Established in the 1970s

Well, that’s when I was established!

Our Goal

Transform wrestling stats into powerful tools 

Your Virtual Statistician

Hire 3D Wrestler Stats as your Virtual Statistician, and we’ll put your wrestling stats to work for you

Our Team – Just Me (mostly)

Looking to work with wrestlers or wrestling managers with passion for the sport and some technical and/or marketing skills !!

Reach out if you’re interested 

Passionate Fan

This is at the 2017 NCAAs in St. Louis (my hometown). ​And, yes, we are rooting for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

I got to see John Smith wrestle live in college (back in the day) and have followed him ever since. But more than that, just love good hard fought wrestling above any team. 

Passionate Wrestling Fans

Former Wrestler

Yep, I did don the singlet. Not much more to say about the fine physique than that.  

Loved the fight, the many puzzles to solve and unique challenges that come with wrestling. 

Wrestling Parent
(and now coach)

So much love & passion, but so much stress watching your child wrestle. Truly proud of what he accomplished.
And now, glad to be giving back, coaching, and helping kids grow in the sport. 

Senior Night with Parents

Talk is Cheap

So we’ll let those who have used our product do the talking for us

What I loved was getting back to coaching & designing practices, not to mention more time with my family.
3D Wrestler Stats reports gives you so many wrestling stats in such an easy to read format -- it literally saves me hours of time, paperwork & headache.
Coach Humpherys
Head Coach
This would have been fabulous to have as a wrestling manager. The presentation of data is easy to work with -- and the analysis is top notch.
Furthermore it was so easy to perform a code review. The logic and flow of the code was well organized, yet eloquent.
Gwen Kelley
Financial Data Analyst & Former Wrestling Manager
It's great to see the strengths and weakness for each wrestler in each wrestling position in such an easy to read format.
I love the team scorecard - it breaks down the entire team's strengths and weaknesses so we know where to place our emphasis in guiding and directing the team
Scott Pace
HS Assistant Coach & Utah Girls National Team Coach

Transform Your Data
Transform Your Team

Take Advantage of our Innovative Approach to Analyzing Wrestler Performance

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